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Mário Laginha Novo Trio in Cantanhede

28th of February - Mário Laginha Novo Trio – Biocant Park Jazz Festival, Auditório Biocant Park, Cantanhede – 9:30pm

It is not jazz, it is not fado, it is not contemporary music, it is not this or that and it is everything and something more. The instrumental mix is unusual, getting together Mário Laginha’s piano, Miguel Amaral’s Portuguese guitar and Bernardo Moreira’s doublebass, to build a new sound made of multiple references and different influences. Laginha is a musician with classical training that have moved in closer to the jazz paths, but who has a taste for mixing various types of music; Bernardo Moreira is a double bassist with jazz liaisons, but one who is always ready to accept new challenges from new musical worlds as his regular collaboration with singer Cristina Branco; and Miguel Amaral, although the Portuguese guitar has strong connection to fado, has always seen his guitar as a concert instrument capable of having an autonomous existence. Great and open minded musicians and a great sound – to be heard in Cantanhede.