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Cristina Branco sings “Idealist” in Salzburg

26th of October – Jazz and City Festival, Salzburger Landestheater, Salzburg, Austria – 7:00pm

To those who love music, Salzburg is a magical place. Singing at the Salzburger Landestheater at the Jazz & City Festival “Grand finale” will be a moment that Cristina Branco and her musicians will cherish. After Salzburg, Cristina Branco will perform her “Idealist” in Russia and Italy, before returning to Portugal to the great closing concert of this tour, at the Centro Cultural de Belém great hall, on the 11th of December.

Mário Laginha and Pedro Burmester at the Mostra de Cultura Portuguesa em Madrid

27th of October - Mário Laginha Novo Trio at the Mostra de Cultura Portuguesa, Conde Duque Center, Madrid – 8:00pm
29th of October - Pedro Burmester, piano solo - Mostra de Cultura Portuguesa, Conde Duque Center, Madrid – 8:00pm

This year’s Mostra de Cultura Portuguesa em Madrid will feature Mário Laginha Novo Trio and Pedro Burmester on a solo piano solo concert. For this concert, the Novo Trio will feature double bassist Mário Franco and Portuguese guitar player Miguel Amaral, building new sonorities filled with different references, from contemporary music to fado, with its roots always on jazz, naturally. Pedro Burmester will present a strong program and his interpretative glow will certainly marvel the audience.

OJM with Kurt Rosenwinkell in Barcelona

October 30th - OJM with Kurt Rosenwinkell – Voll-Damn Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona, Sala Barts – 9:30 pm

The collaboration between Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos and American guitar player Kurt Rosenwinkell has resulted on the CD “Our secret world”. The reviews the album has got from the press, in Portugal and abroad, have then opened the doors for several concerts, as it is the case of this one, at the Festival Jazz de Barcelona.