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Cristina Branco ends up this year’s tour with Camané and Manuela Azevedo at the CCB

11th of December, Main Hall CCB, Lisbon, 9:00pm

Camané and Manuela Azevedo are the special guests on this year’s last concert of Cristina Branco’s “Idealist” tour, at the main hall of the Centro Cultural de Belém, on the 11th of December.

Along with the two guest singers, the concert will also feature João Paulo Esteves da Silva (piano), Mário Delgado (guitar) and Alexandre Frazão (drums).

“It’s been 18 years since my first improvised stage till today”, reminds Cristina Branco as she thinks of the “parade of people” that has crossed her path. “Yes, I go on singing and I bring beautiful and talented people along with me!”, she says. Among the talented people present at the CCB concert there will also be her usual companions: Ricardo Dias (piano), Bernardo Couto (Portuguese guitar) and Bernardo Moreira (double bass).

Mário Laginha & André Mehmari in concert in Rio de Janeiro

12th of December - Mário Laginha & André Mehmari, Sala Cecília Meireles, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mário Laginha and André Mehmari have already performed some concerts together and have already an album recorded. The pianists meet again in Rio de Janeiro for another concert for two pianos, before André Mehmari comes to Portugal to repeat the concert the pianists have presented in Brazil.

Three concert by OJM with Carlos Bica’s Trio Azul

14th of December - OJM invites Carlos Bica and Trio Azul, with Frank Möbus and Jim Black – Casa da Música, Sala Suggia, Porto – 9:00pm
19th of December - OJM invites Carlos Bica and Trio Azul – Teatro Viriato, Viseu – 21:30pm
20th of December - OJM invites Carlos Bica and Trio Azul – Teatro Virgínia, Torres Novas, 21:30pm

Carlos Bica’s Trio Azul, featuring Frank Möbus (Germany) and Jim Black (USA) with its peculiar sonority, ranging from jazz to pop and rock, has left a distinctive mark in Portuguese jazz music. The result, as shown in albums as “Believer” or the more recent “Things About”, is a depurated and essential sound, in its powerful lyricism.
The challenge, this time, is to combine the trio’s sound with the arrangements for a jazz orchestra – OJM. Three grand concerts, we may guess.