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Jazz by six at the Festa do Avante

6th of September – Sexteto de Jazz de Lisboa – Festa do Avante, Auditório 1º de Maio, Amora, Seixal – 7:00pm

The Sexteto de Jazz de Lisboa was founded on the 80’s and recorded only an album, “Ao Encontro”, in 1988. Meanwhile, its members made their own careers till a short while ago, when two enthusiastic jazz critics launched a challenge to the band: to revive the sextet sound and their amazing collection of themes that are part of the album. The project began and the concert at the Festa do Avante is an eloquent confirmation of the quality of the music, of the competence and soul of the band, besides its ability to withstand the test of time. Thirty years later, the Sexteto de Jazz de Lisboa keeps enrapturing audiences with Mário Laginha (piano), Tomás Pimentel (trumpet), Edgar Caramelo (baritone saxophone), Pedro Barreiros (doublebass), Ricardo Toscano (alto saxophone) and Mário Barreiros (drums).