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ONC is an agency aiming to provide all cultural agents with a variety of musical options for your concert or event.


Mário Laginha Trio in Athens

25th of May - Mário Laginha Trio, Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival, Athens, Greece – 11:00pm

Mário Laginha Trio, with Laginha (piano), Bernardo Moreira (doublebass) and Alexandre Frazão (drums) will take part of the Technopolis Jazz Festival, in Athens. It is time for the Greek audience to get to know one of the more consistent groups in Portuguese jazz, with a very creative repertoire that includes themes from the albums "Espaço" and "Mongrel".

Chico Buarque’s music revisited in Coimbra

26th of May - Cristina Branco with Mário Laginha Trio, "Chico Buarque" - Quintas do Conservatório, Auditório do Conservatório de Música de Coimbra – 9:30pm

The base for this concert is Chico Buarque’s music and his wonderful songs and audiences have been mesmerized with this performance where Cristina Branco and Mário Laginha Trio give a new life to this music that has certainly changed many people’s lives.

Carlos Bica and João Paulo in Lousada

27th of May - Carlos Bica with João Paulo Esteves da Silva - Festival Agitajazz, Lousada

Partners is several “musical adventures”, Carlos Bica (doublebass) and João Paulo Esteves da Silva (piano) thread the boards together again, this time at the Agitajazz, in Lousada.