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Mário Laginha in sextet for an improbable project

Mário Laginha in sextet for an improbable project
Carta Branca a Mário Laginha
CCB, 6th of October, 9:00pm

Mário Laginha (piano and composition), Tcheka (guitar and vocals), Julian Argüelles (saxophones), Helge Norbakken (percussion), Bernardo Moreira (double bass) and Alexandre Frazão (drums). Six extraordinary musicians, from five different countries, on a single night.

An unconventional project, maybe even improbable. It will happen at CCB, on the 6th of October, in Carta Branco (Carte Blanche) a Mário Laginha. Six musicians on stage, Mário Laginha has worked with all of them, in different projects, but this invitation from CCB has allowed to bring them all together on stage, for the first time, playing original music made by Mário Laginha for this dream sextet…