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Mário Laginha Novo Trio in Viana do Castelo

9th of August – Teatro Sá de Miranda, Viana do Castelo - Portugal – 10:00pm

As part of this year’s program of Jazz na Praça da Erva, in Viana do Castelo, Mário Laginha New Trio will present at the city theatre his new CD “Terra Seca”. This record has traced the new sonority built around an unusual instrumentation, featuring Mário Laginha’s piano, Bernardo Moreira’s double bass and Miguel Amaral’s Portuguese guitar.

Cristina Branco on the “Iberian Night” in Montpellier

21st of August – “Idealist” – Nuits d’O, Amphithéatre d’O, Pinèdes, Montpellier, France – 8:00pm

Cristina Branco will be part of the “Nuit Ibérique”, created by the organization of Nuits d’O, in Montpellier, fact largely justified by the singer’s long time liaison with Fado. However, those who will have the privilege to see and listen to Cristina Branco’s concert will understand that her art goes well beyond the Iberian musical geography, recreating influences of the French, Argentinean, Brazilian and Anglo-Saxon music.


Maria João & Mário Laginha – open air concert at the Alameda de Espinho

30th of August - “Iridescente” – open air concert at Alameda 8, Espinho – 10:00pm

The Concertos da Alameda, organized by the Espinho City Council, offer open air concerts with free admission. This year’s audience will be able to attend Maria João & Mário Laginha concert, this time in quartet along with João Frade (accordion) and Alexandre Frazão (drums). On the program of the concert we may find music of their latest CD “Iridescente”, along with other themes of the duo’s long career.