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Cristina Branco returns to Istanbul

Concert in Istanbul was postponed

The Cristina Branco’s concert scheduled for January 25 in Istanbul has been postponed to a date to be announced later.





Mário Laginha and André Mehmari in Lisbon and Braga

29 th of January - Mário Laginha and André Mehmari – São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Lisbon – 9:00pm
31 st of January - Mário Laginha and André Mehmari – Teatro Circo, Braga – 9:30pm

After several concerts with two pianos in Brazil, it is time for Portuguese audiences, first in Lisbon and then in Braga, to witness the mastery of these two pianists, both with long and well recognized careers in their own countries.

Pedro Burmester plays Bach in Brussels

31st of January - Pedro Burmester and Les Solistes d’Hulencourt – Orchestral Suite, No .2, Johann Sebastian Bach – Bruegel Hall, Golg Club d’Hulencourt, Brussels, Belgium – 7:00pm

Although facing the challenge, this year, of playing Beethoven’s integral concerts for Piano and Orchestra, Pedro Burmester still finds the time to return to Johann Sebastian Bach and to his Orchestral Suite No.2, accompanied by Les Solistes d’Hulencourt.